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"You do get location from a mobile - if it is using AML and requires certain phone OS's (need to have IOS 11.3, Android 9) at the moment. However, the control rooms also get a triangulation data from the mobile network masts (cells) your phone is registered on - this is accurate to 100m ellipse in built up areas but less in rural - depends on the density of mobile cells."

I've never had any indication from any emergency services operator that they have even the foggiest idea where I am from their control room.

And given that control rooms are not generally all that 'local' the operator still often doesn't have a clue until I go out to motorway* junctions and then navigate them from there...

I take the 'emergency services get your location with a massive handful of salt, at least in the UK...

(Whether M class, or just de facto motorway)

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