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"You really think there'll be a 100% FTTP roll-out in that time period? And if there was how do you think it'll be paid for without dumping costs on people who didn't even ask for it and see no benefit?"

The simple answer is "tough" - technology has moved on and it shouldn't be held back because a few people refuse to pay a little bit more. Nor should Openreach be expected to maintain an aging, rotting copper network to satisfy a few holdouts. Once FTTH reaches 100% coverage in an area, they should be allowed to start forcibly moving people off - maybe sweeten it with grandfathered pricing.

The more complex answer is "they actually might not have to pay more" - none of us know Openreach's costs but other large telcos have reported that FTTH networks are far cheaper to operate, maintain and repair - especially once you can abandon the copper and shift everyone over. FTTH can just as easily provide a low bandwidth cheap skate service while the person next door gets their symmetrical gigabit service.

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