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Google kills off domain fronting – and so secure comms just got tougher

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Russia, for example, has shown willingness to block network addresses associated with large service providers like Google and Amazon when trying to silence the opposition.

Anyone who is of THAT particular opinion - some suggested reading:

You will need to know Russian or peruse Google translate. The latter will probably produce garbage as there is way too many puns and colloquial phrases so you may still need someone who knows Великий и Могучий to help you. I have translated a few passages further down, make your own mind to what extent their media is censored.

The whole story of Telegram not about censorship, it is about control and future control (as rightly pointed by that article towards the end). It is "mutilating the freedom of the future generations". Same as what Rudd wants, same as what Comey wanted, same as what all the other similar busybodies want. They are scared shitless of the idea that the population talks and they do not know what they are talking about.

So on the "censorship" subject - here are some translations of what (a news site there with readership in the tens of millions if memory serves me right) says on the subject:

So, for starters it opens up with: "It is quite clear that our in power busybodies really needed that bucket of (dirty) cold water on their head or a hit with the wet mop from said bucket on the same head".

Further down: "It would have been very difficult to find a more demonstrable way to go face-forward into the mud. At this point there is a block on 15M addresses from Google, Amazon, E-bay, games, etc. That is trying to chase locusts with a Grad multiple rocket launcher. While, of course, it will probably reduce the health of the locusts a bit, there will be no fields and crops left that's for sure".

Now, let's show some really "censored" material: "What Lesha Navalny could not deliver, was done by Pavel Durov. To DIY a protest movement out of nowhere and one that is accelerating as well."

That does not end there: "This is the Russian state attempting to mutilate the freedoms of the future generations. That is way more serious than Navalny's "thieves and corrupt officials".

Does not look particularly censored and silenced (*) to me and most importantly - it puts the point exactly where it should. Something el reg has failed (in bold).

By the way - El reg, take note. The comparison of the Russian equivalent of Ofcom with Don Quixote feverish from inflammated haemorrhoids is a minor gem - definitely worth plagiarizing.

(*)If anything Putin on the QT supports opposition there so it does not look like he is the only game in town. If you analyse the pro-opposition posts on their forums you will notice all the tell-tale signs of one of their own troll factories at work. Why he is doing it and what is the game, however is a different and rather long story. One our ANALists have missed and one our propaganda constantly lies about.

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