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"I know VOIP is better than it was some years ago, but it certainly seems that overall phone call quality has gone dramatically down over the years."

Well that depends on many factors. There are providers and PBXes insisting on the god awful G.729 for example, while any decent provider will use G.711 which is just as good as ISDN (but with a longer delay), good providers will support G.722 which does much better quality at the same bitrate. Another problem are really bad ATAs. Quality doesn't seem to correlate with price. The best ones (I've seen) for home uses are the "Fritz!Box" series from AVM, which you can get refurbished for about 70 Euros, but cost around 150-200 Euros for the top of the line model... which includes an internal ISDN port, a DECT base station, as well as a V/ADSL modem. Software support usually is several years for feature updates, and longer for security updates.

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