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BT pushes ahead with plans to switch off telephone network

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There is a company in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that has SUCCESSFULLY entangled trapped Xenon atoms over 100 km distances AND have been able to both READ (i.e. not destroy the coherence!) of the atom's properties AND set them anew WITHOUT first having to supercool them down to near ZERO degrees Kelvin! ---It's all done at Room Temperature, so this discovery is a VERY VERY BIG DEAL for telecom systems!

This means a COMPLETE REPLACEMENT for fibre optic AND POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) phones, internet connections, ISDN lines and dial-up services!

And since Xenon atoms can be "switched on and off" (i.e. specific properties set and read") at PETAHERTZ speeds, overall bandwidth on outgoing and incoming data streams will be in the MANY HUNDREDS OF TERABYTES PER SECOND!!!!


Copper Wire and Fibre Optic Cable is Now Dead! Long Live Copper and Glass!

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