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"climate change deniers"

This is another one of those dangerous terms that is usually hung on people with little regard for accuracy, but rather to malign those whose opinions may differ from one's own exact preferences.

In my experience, it is often used by those with a weak understanding of physics, computer simulation, complex interacting systems, experimental design, the nature of scientific proof, and the pitfalls of predicting history, and the relationship between mathematics and reality (hint - quote from Einstein)..

Those interested in thinking about both modelling and the prognostication problem might look at 'The Limits to Growth (1972)", the Malthusian predictions of the 1960s and 1970s, the 1990s predictions about the imminent exhaustion of oil supplies (peak oil predictions have been coming out since the 70s, and often claimed the peak was 'now', 'next decade' or 'already past'), the 'proof' that bumblebees can't fly, similar mathematical 'proofs' that a steamship cannot cross the Atlantic and that a rocket cannot reach the moon.

For that matter, it seems that some people were concerned about the looming collapse of international shipping (around the 19th century) due to the growing shortage of suitable large trees for masts...

Predictions of doom almost always underestimate alternate solutions and flexible responses. Trying to predict what will happen two centuries hence is a mug's game, but saying so will generally get you labelled a 'climate change denier' because you don't buy into simplistic models, which may have lots of variables to twiddle, but cannot account for future science and technology.

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