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This is just Censorship

Sure, you have the right to your own opinions, but good luck sharing those with our totalitarian regime controlling what people even know exist. Go ahead and post something to the internet, but we control what the indexing sites display so no one is going to see your information.

Of course, do people actually even use Google for information anymore? The last US election showed us most Americans (at least) only get their information from Facebook.

If the court's reasoning in this case is that linking to the article without the context that the guilty party "served their time and seems honestly remorseful and thus the article is no longer applicable" , then the same reasoning should be used to pull conspiracy theories and other false articles from Google. If someone searched "earth" and was linked to a "flat earth" website, they wouldn't have the context necessary to know that it's total B.S. So shouldn't the EU protect ALL citizens from information like that? If they will edit the internet to protect ONE citizen, surely that power could be better put to use to protect ALL citizens at once.

The EU is setting a VERY dangerous precedent between Right to Know and flat-out censorship of the information the Government doesn't think you need to know. Imagine if the EU had climate change deniers and you could see how bad this could get. Relying on your politicians to remain intelligent and competent is really not a good method of governing if the past several thousand years of human history has shown us anything.

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