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@ Jason Bloomberg

"But, at the end of the day, whether the Ministry of Truth has gone too far or not, comes down to whether you and your mates should get what you want or whether others and their mates should get what they want."

This is the mistake of the argument. It isnt a zero sum game, it is not to restrict either. The example a few comments above over searching for suicide and sanitising the results to 'ethical' (dictated) ones was blown apart by someone pointing out legitimate reason. It is that quick desire to restrict which is the problem.

I also pointed out Google is a private business and that private means something. It means if someone thinks it should be more ethical they can sod off and set their own up for like minds if anyone would be interested. And they might if people had the same 'ethics', a word that bothers me as much as 'morals' as it is extremely fuzzy to be almost worthless.

"And there's no single or simple answer for that, no absolutes, no universal truths."

I answered this with- "Google is a private company and whatever twisted version of ethics each person has is irrelevant. The world is as it is, not as a single mind would like to force it to be.". We should all be as free as we can because then we have useful advancements such as google.

Above we have differing interpretations of what google is. Different people having different visions of what it is. But it doesnt belong to them, it is not theirs. And they are free to set up their own if they feel google should be better.

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