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Microsoft has designed an Arm Linux IoT cloud chip. Repeat, an Arm Linux IoT cloud chip

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Oh please! Microsoft are not important enough to 'hate', besides life is far too short and too precious to waste on the likes of them.

While the idea of securing IoT isn't necessarily a bad one, anything with a lifetime monthly fee wouldn't do so well on price. While there may be the odd customer with very specific needs, this is no mass market success.

If there is one thing Microsoft can do right, it is give us all a good laugh with their utterly ridiculous ideas. If there is *anyone* that you did not want in charge of your computer/gadget/IoT security and software updates on any device, it would be Microsoft. Didn't they even had to farm out Windows Update to Akamai because they couldn't keep it safe or secure? Windows 10S was supposed to be more secure than ever but that was quickly hacked, their current planned OS update is delayed due to too many BSOD, and Microsoft's flagship Windows Defender security software was recently guilty of getting violated simply by opening an archive file after they modified some fully working open source software but messed it up!

PS You just lost me a bet. Before reading any comments, I bet JJ Carter would appear by the end of this page but it was you instead. :p

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