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"Though this is probably just a side project. The real damage is done by the SystemD/Freedesktop/PulseAudio people"

Exactly. "The new MSFT" is as bad as ever. The EEE strategy is in full swing in several fronts:

It's certainly the case that several SystemD, Gnome/Freedesktop and PulseAudio developers work on paycheck of MSFT's sister-companies to set back and stall Linux desktop adoption!! MSFT also hindered the work on ReactOS for years, by implanting paid developers that required a investigation 10 years ago and those paid devs got banned and their code reverted. And the deals with RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian are more than disgusting. Why is Linux on desktop less usable than 10 years ago? Because Microsoft paid saboteurs to destroy Gnome 2 and KDE 3, and the rest is history, Gnome 3 is a total train wreck, KDE 4&5 are still buggy and far behind of KDE3. And Ubuntu Unity was actually great, until MSFT killed it with community puppets on HN and Reddit. How much gets Ubuntu (company) nowadays from MSFT to develop their Linux-framework for Windows, how much gets Ubuntu for adding a slurping to Ubuntu 18 LTS and sending the data over to Azure cloud??

With their fucking around with JavaScript: lobbies (ES6) and slightly incompatible syntax (Typescript). And their spying Atom editor fork (VSCode). Their slightly incompatible R lang fork that actively destroys the R lang community. Their hands on Python 3 and PHP to EEE those languages. When will US congress split MSFT company in pieces? MSFT has still a monopoly on desktop/notebooks, Office, Outlook and Enterprise software.

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