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2) The reality is that Facebook has photos of him, and are using them for commercial gain. It doesn't matter who gave them to Facebook, in order to use photos of people for commercial gain you need the explicit permission of everyone involved except in very restricted circumstances (e.g., news reporting). Holding the copyright is not enough.

Under what law, exactly?

I'm asking as a (admittedly, long ago) trained journalist who's never heard of this particular law.

Granted, there are risks to using someone's image without their permission, particularly if you insinuate that they endorse some product or message. But I've never heard of a law that says you have to do it every time. If you can cite such a law, you could probably make a strong case for having Facebook firewalled entirely from that jurisdiction.

Example: do you think anyone asked for or got a signature from the two ladies standing in the bus shelter in the right in this photo?

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