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Uhuh, less exciting than for instance 1988, where the MP4/4 with Senna or Prost was guaranteed to win every race?

It's not the first time in F1 history that there is little overtaking and the battle is decided by strategy and pitstops. Sure the sound was more impressive but that was about it.

And little on-track skill shown?? Have you WATCHED any of the recent races? Plenty of skill shown by multiple drivers.

Yeah, F1 could be a lot better since the aero heavy cars make overtaking difficult and the sound of the V6 turbo's doesn't come close to the V12s, V10s or V8s of the past but it's still the pinnacle of racing. The speeds achieved are INSANE and only the LeMans LMP1 class comes close, even the slightest error can mean these guys miss a brake point, clip the inside curb on the apex then lose the back end on the exit ending up in the gravel or the wall (or the nice flat run-off asfalt if they're on one of the Tilke-temples). It's not for the faint of heart and not every driver can make it.

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