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And this is why...

I'm using some Opera plugins. You know, for my own protection and all and I have to admit that they're doing a heck of a job.

I can seriously recommend these: StopSocial which does exactly that: it blocks all incoming crap coming from whatever social media site there is. Because let's be honest here: this doesn't stop with Facebook. Worse yet: one can even argue that the social media networks are more or less being transparent here because sites usually have those silly like buttons, which should be a good indicator as to what is going on. Stuff like Google Analytics is always hidden from plain sight. So with this plugin no more Facebook widgets, Google +1, Tweet buttons, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki (yeah, there's even Russian stuff) and all the rest: Addthis, LinkedIn, Sharethis, Yandex.share, and a whole lot more.

Second, because I like being paranoid: Ghostery. Blocks every advertisement source it knows about and will even warn you when certain plugins are actually slowing a site down. It can be set up to apply some basic logic: the moment a site gets slowed down then it will block the offending javascript code. A very good and easy plugin to see what is tracking you.

And last but not least, because I enjoy being paranoid: NoRef. This basically blocks HTTP referer headers which basically means that it will block a website from bringing in tons of external (3rd party) crap. Such as... you guessed it: social media, google analytics, and sorts of nasty stuff.

One of the reasons I enjoy these plugins is because you have more control than if you'd use NoScript while the combination still manages to block everything you need to. As intrusive or lenient as you want, which is just what I like.

Bye bye Facebook and others!

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