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I'm pretty impressed.... I had to look up what F1 was. Then I realized it was those cars from Iron Man.

I didn't realize people knew this much about people who drive around in circles over and over again.

I suppose it's cultural or something.

Is it true that these cars are meant to be as similar as possible and that the organizers strictly prohibit the teams from doing anything to modernize the vehicles beyond tuning them? Is it basically really well tuned Ford Model T technology? It's just an internal combustion engine with lots of electronics to tweak and tune them right?

From a technological perspective, are they allowed to do anything interesting outside of material sciences? Can they even do anything good with material sciences? Like could they make the body of a more advanced composite than their competition? Could they make something like a run flat tire using a carbon nanotube structure which would allow them three or four more laps without changing tires?

It disappoints me a little that AMD would spend so much money on something as wasteful as this. But I'd imagine that it helps them make sales.

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