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Whois is dead as Europe hands DNS overlord ICANN its arse

Nick Ryan Silver badge

Wow! Erm, you may need a sponge or something equally absorbent to mop up the foaming.

The US invented ARPANET, the forerunner of the Internet in order to create a packet based network that linked cities and other sites and was resilient enough to automatically route safely around failing, or failed, routes - in other words, a multi-link network rather than the usual ring or star topology. ARPANET was developed (funded) by the US military and various US academic institutions. From there the non-military (academic) side developed rapidly into an international collaboration and evolved into what is now the Internet, with many of the underlying technologies and protocols transferred over. DNS, for example, only appeared from 1983 - and DNS and the infrastructure and support around it is why the TLD companies exist. Many of the underlying technologies and protocols that we still use had their origin in international academic collaborations - so while you are correct, to a point, that the US (or America in your terms) built the Internet, they only started the process, not created it all.

Nobody is saying that WHOIS is illegal, what is happening is that the operators of it have to adapt to a changing market. A market, incidentally, where the majority of it exists outside the physical borders of the US. Changes to rules and regulations happen all time, how about a couple of US gems: Sarbanes–Oxley and Dodd-Frank - both far reaching US acts brought in to try and reduce the damage through financial manipulation and corruption. US, and many international, organisations have had to change and adapt their processes to take into account these acts. Are you saying that they shouldn't have to because, in your mind, nothing should ever change? Or that because there wasn't a specific law against it, that it was alright to destroy evidence and falsify information X years ago and therefore is OK to continue doing so now?

Also, ignore the idiotic "American intelligence" information sites... there are very few monarchies left on the planet and having a titular head of state (compared to a corrupt orang utang) does not make a nation a monarchy. Most are considerably more democratic than the US.

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