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> Which is why WHOIS exists, which is why organizations can set contact information which is valid for their particular logistical model.

Which they'll still be able to do post GDPR, it just won't be mandatory for individuals to do so.

> The problem is MOST PEOPLE don't know how the fuck the internet works and they don't understand this stuff is critically important. Disabling a system like WHOIS is similar to knocking out the support columns of a large bridge and hoping it doesn't collapse.

Be wary of telling people they know fuck all when you clearly know so little about the subject you're discussing. If WHOIS was turned off tomorrow, everything would keep working.

It's more like publishing the name, address and telephone number of the bloke who built the bridge on a sign under the bridge. Take that sign away and the bridge won't collapse. If there are issues with the bridge, the council (or DFT) still have that blokes details so he can be contacted, just not by every tom, dick and harry that wants to sell print cartridges to him for specious reasons.

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