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Whois is dead as Europe hands DNS overlord ICANN its arse

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Anonymous Coward

lol and i thought mindless jingoistic fervour died years ago...

You forget the odd contributor along the way like Donald Davies, Tim Berners-Lee. Even that funny overlooked guy Alan Turing, and amusingly for decades americans believed they invented computers too.

As for your rant about WHOIS, like alot of the original technologies used in the internet , this one is past its sell by date, and needs reform.

As for your comment "If Europe can DESTROY THE INTERNET by passing it's own unilateral regional laws then any nation can wreak equal havoc in a similar manner" I think you need to go online and order some more medication , clearly your not getting enough lithium. Any protocol or service should be up for examination of suitability at any time, just as laws are subject to revision.

Your suggestion "Suggestion, send the monarchies back to the children's table until they join the rest of us in the modern era." is frankly absurd. I have access to 5G wireless where i live, we have autonomous robots that do deliveries regularly round here.Do you see robots out on your streets delivering goods? Do you have genuine legitimate 5G? No, well thats because you belong to the country that introduces tech like chip and pin years after other civilized countries.

theres nothing that amuses me more in life than watching americans shout "USA USA USA" over and over again mindlessly while theyre being battered at a sport like football. Nobody cares about your "me me me" society with its inbred sports, misuse of english, nasally accent, hormone injected medicalised meat products, lack of universal free healthcare, and the ability to buy automatic weapons on street corners. Oh sorry i forgot the chronic opiate addiction rate in the usa too.

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