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Whois is dead as Europe hands DNS overlord ICANN its arse


First of all, America built the internet. Not Europe. Let's keep that in mind FOREVER please shall we? Thank you. Do not forget this fact until nationalism is extinct and we live under a global flag.

Next, WHOIS is not Illegal. Europe cannot dictate global law by passing it's own regional codes. Else every nation in the entire world could dictate global policy unilaterally!

WHOIS is a VITAL and _absolutely necessary_ piece of the domain registration system and the proper function of the internet. The abuse of WHOIS by domain registrars to upsell "privacy" options is a racket which can be shut down without destroying the domain registration system.

WHOIS operated _just fine for years_ in it's present state without any problems! So let's ask ourselves what changed? I'll tell you, a bunch of people who barely know how to use a computer decided to buy domain names without knowing anything about how the marketplace works. That's what happened. And now those same barely literate people are responsible for this story evolving.

WHOIS contact information is supposed to be VALID and AUTHORITATIVE. If your personal cell phone is listed in your WHOIS information THEN YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem isn't WHOIS, the problem is you!!!!!

In a somewhat ironic twist, this is the most important thing happening in the world right now. If Europe can DESTROY THE INTERNET by passing it's own unilateral regional laws then any nation can wreak equal havoc in a similar manner.

Suggestion, send the monarchies back to the children's table until they join the rest of us in the modern era.

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