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he Germans aren't 'in charge' of Europe. that's a myth promulgated by those in the UK who want to ensure that the mood remains anti-EU, by appealing to xenophobia arising from events that happened long before even I was born.

Seriously, if it were Spain that were the industrial/economic powerhouse, you can bet we'd all be hearing about how 'we beat the Armada'. If it were France there'd be jingoism about Waterloo all day every day.

As for who really won the War, yep. And the reason the Germans are where they are is because they didn't fall for the Ayn Rand model of social order but, instead, have industries that actually manufacture things rather than financial services run by crooks; and a form of unionisation that, whilst not without its flaws, ensures that businesses remain going concerns rather than being asset-stripped to the bone and flogged off for a quid once the pension fund is empty.

As for their national sport, there are only twenty-two countries in the world that Britain didn't invade and 25% of those (Andorra, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco and Vatican City) are smaller than my gran's outside toilet and not really countries on anything more than paper. At the peak of the empire years Britain was effectively the entire world not simply in terms of power and influence but geography too. If any nation can be said to have had 'invading other countries' as a national sport then look no further than home for the all-time greatest proponent of that particular pastime. (It did make me smile, nevertheless, so have an upvote : )

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