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250 Years War

None of this would be happening if Britain had only had the courage of her convictions and fought on after the declaration of independence.

She should've learned from the Hundred Years War, licked her wounds, put sanctions on the U.S. (Britain was the world in those days, there was no-one else to trade with and the U.S. would've had to capitulate), rebuilding her forces, gone back and reclaimed her territories.

Then we wouldn't be in this mess, with the U.S. still at war with the entire rest of the world 250 years later.

It's time we showed the U.S. who's who and what's what. We didn't put up with this nonsense from the Romans. Or the Spanish. Or Napoleon. Or Hitler. Or the EU. Enough footling about, send a gunboat! Give the blackguards a bloody nose, what? Who do they think won the bloody World Cup, eh?

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