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I am in the UK, with a UK registered domain name, with a WHOIS entry, and my name and address have been lawfully kept private by the registrar for about 20 years.

ICANN, and the USA in general, have been ignoring the problem for that long.

This is not just a last-minute panic over a two-year lead time, though that's bad enough. It's persistent American exceptionalism, and it is looking as though even the deals they have made in the past are a sham. "Your data is safe with us: we hire the CIA to keep an on-line back-up."

The internet won't collapse, and just think of all the extra fees the lawyers can charge for going to court to get a warrant. Oh, but that means they would have to work for their money..

Internet Lawyers: pissing off the world since 12th April 1994

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