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Re: so who do you report abuse to, now?

What happens when you get abusive phone calls? You report it to the police then the police contact the mobile operator and get the details behind the number to perform their duties. Should we have an open online database showing all your details from your phone number?

This is exactly the same principle, any illegal activity will be reported to the authorities who will then get the information from the domain name registrar and deal with it accordingly. In my opinion this is how it should have been set up in the first place. The only people that will be complaining are the spammers, solicitors that like to send out DMCA notices/fines and all those web service companies that bombard you with phone calls and emails offering to build you a website.

Anyone registering domains for illegal activity are not going to put their real details anyway unless they are stupid so all your examples are null and void I'm afraid.

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