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Whois is dead as Europe hands DNS overlord ICANN its arse

bombastic bob Silver badge

so who do you report abuse to, now?

1. fake rolex/handbag marketing

2. spammers

3. blatant violators of the law

4. defamation and slander/libel

5. 'copycat' domains

ALL of these will NOW be made EASIER.

thank you, gummint overreach.

"unintended" consequences? or not?

/me points out that an 'abuse@' e-mail address that is ignored and/or filtered won't be able to receive complaints. A valid mailing address and/or phone number also guarantees that the owner isn't trying to HIDE from authorities. Anonymizing services are available. I use them as well as most domain owners. Why do we need to "GDPR" the domain name registry?

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