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I shudder with this world sometimes.

When I send my kids to school I don't expect a fairy land where all is fluffy clouds and happiness but I do expect the basic levels of care to be taken to ensure their safety.

And whilst it's sad we have a world where gun crime and knife crime exist and can be real problems, at the very least I'd expect a teacher to act like a human being and not do shit like this.

I wish I could say I'm surprised but I've had more than one run in with my eldest lad's school over the behaviour of their reachers over the years: one maths teacher in year seven calling him "gay" amongst other things (the school were woeful on that one and it escalated right up to my having to explain that if the bullying wasn't stamped on, I'd assume they accepted that I could, therefore, await said teacher outside the gates and that they'd be happy for me to return the favour);

An English teacher who would telephone me at around 9:00pm in the evening, clearly drunk and slurring her words to complain about his behaviour. That came to a head when she phsyically manhandled my son and pushed him into another teachers' classroom with no explanation to either my son or the other teacher - just left him there and stormed out)

And more recently a science teacher who decided that my son should not take the higher science papers he's been working towards since year 7 and, with zero notice, dropped the lower level mock exam in front of him causing a lowball grade used to justify said teachers' decision to now put him on the lower paper. That one was resolved when I went to meet the headmaster and demanded my son be given a higher mock, out of normal hours to be marked by a completely different and independent teacher. Despite no notice to my son, he passed with flying colours and is now back on the higher papers. Same teacher has, with independent witnesses, been overly aggressive to various students and again feels it's ok to phone me whilst I am at work and address me as "mate" repeatedly.

All of which may paint the school unfairly but 99% of the time it's actually a great school that takes the well-being of their students incredibly seriously - and it always seems to be the young teachers straight out of uni that are problematic.

Sorry...went off an a bit of a rant there.

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