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Is that the same VM that can't / wont tell me all the IPs/Ports/services their TiVo connects to, in order to whitelist them in my non VM routers's firewall? I'm not talking the TiVo .com settings, I have these, I'm talking the IP's they use to get what channels I'm subscribed to.

Not really following you there. My TiVo runs a network link straight up the coax and out of the house which is used for TiVo-to-VM interactions. The network link to the router is entirely separate and optional. It appears the TiVo accesses account and subscription data via the cable modem not through the router.

Use Home, Settings, Network, and you should see the two connections; the TiVo internal cable modem on 10.*.*.*, the ethernet likely 192.168.0.*

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