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Analogy police: Your car having a flat tire is much more potentially likely to kill someone compared against your router having default credentials.

Your car handling unpredictably can kill someone important.

Your router being hacked is likely to screw you, mostly. Arguably it could be used in a DDoS someplace, but that's less likely than various other devices (baby monitor cameras for example), and it's unlikely anyone could die.

I change my passwords (sometimes not very well, depending on how important it actually is... often a stickynote on the bottom has the non-default password sharpie'd into it) on everything. But when it comes to my car, my wife's car, or my motorbikes? I make quite sure that I'm not likely to go out and commit suicide or manslaughter.

If dying is anything like being injured, it hurts, and that isn't any fun. Don't like that much.

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