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>Not that the firmware hasn't been updated - Virgin Media push updates from their end.

Not sure if there should be a joke icon on there.

Is that the same VM that can't / wont tell me all the IPs/Ports/services their TiVo connects to, in order to whitelist them in my non VM routers's firewall? I'm not talking the TiVo .com settings, I have these, I'm talking the IP's they use to get what channels I'm subscribed to.

When I asked there stock replay is you need to use the Superhub 3 as a router as that's what TiVo works with.

Yes I can try and track them and I'm doing so but if they supplied a list its easier than me trying to do it all myself especially as the Tivo may use the same IP for a while until that IP has an issue and it moves on to a new one if there load balanced scheme.

Not to mention is it the same VM who took so long to get the fixes out for the latency issues (1 year and still an issue to some people) on the SH3?

There must be many, many talented people who work at VM, but its a real battle to get to anyone who can offer good IT troubleshooting and support, Any request for help through either the phone lines or the community site and you get a scripted reply.

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