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We need a popcorn icon...

... because I added a couple words to my dictionary of the profane and obscene from this thread. :)

re: APFS - Perhaps someone could reverse engineer it, like what was done for the NTFS driver and CIFS / SMB protocols? Just saying. (And no, I'm not volunteering for that- you don't want me anywhere NEAR that codebase, based on prior experience.)

re: Microsloth bashing - Considering that it took the Exchange team upwards of 9 months+ to recognize that there was an interaction problem with the 2010 Management Console and the MMC executable that it ran under, I wouldn't be surprised if some goofy bug in, say, ReFS screwed people over for a couple months before the responsible team got around to looking at it. (And yes, I do know about the zombie bug from pay of last year- that's more a case of 'someone trying deliberately do break stuff', but it's not surprising that the bug it leverages exists- Normal admins aren't supposed to be poking around in the MFT unless they really, really know what they are doing...)

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