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'Disappearing' data under ZFS on Linux sparks small swift tweak

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Let's face it - should've tested copying in different scenarios

Totally agree, but you cannot test each and every possible case, there are too many permutations. Simple question, define "large number of files" and "large files" ... 10k files, 1Gb in size ? The commit in question addressed issues with mixed case names, where files would have the same name were you to lowercase the names. It is much easier for the users to test their systems with the software and report any issues, it is not like they purchased the code (or a license for it), I think that is "giving back" for greater good.

obligatory MS bash

Yes, that is my style and my duty, I have to live up to the "Microsoft Most Hated Professional" moniker !

Then again, the article was praising open source without context, so my comment added some context, for those in need. There are not that many closed source vendors that produce proprietary file systems to choose from and MS support really sucks when you're tech-savvy.

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