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> Nobody cares how thick or thin the smartphone camera lens is.

You may not care about the thickness of the camera lens, but the manufacturer does, because it dictates how thin they can make the handset. And like it or not, the thinness of a handset is a major factor in a phone-buyer's first impressions, especially for non-technical consumers who don't realise how much of a compromise this results in, especially when it comes to battery life and physical robustness.

Ironically, this drive towards thin handsets means most people end up buying a case to protect their device, bumping the thickness and weight back up. But again, that's not something people think about when weighing up a naked handset in a phone showroom, and so thinness is a key driver in handset design.

> Have you seen a photograph produced by a recent DSLR or Mirrorless with a high-quality professional lens such as SIGMA or Zeiss?

Probably - but I'll have viewed it on a laptop monitor or my phone after it's been downsampled by whatever website or social-media network I'm viewing it on, so the finer details will have been lost on me.

Therein lies the rub: phone cameras have been "good enough" for around 80%[*] of general photography usage for several years now. I'd even go so far as to say that they've been superior to traditional 35mm-compact cameras for over a decade and encroaching on digital-compact territory for the last five years.

Now, as one of the few technological features which manufacturers can use to differentiate their handsets, mobile-cameras are making another push which may push them up into the 90-95% range. I.e. they genuinely are starting to challenge DSLRs!

Certainly, we're getting to the point where you'll have to spend a significant amount of money to have a measurable improvement in photo quality - and even then, you'll probably need to have at least some experience and training to take advantage of the improvements.

[*] Number generated by the traditional WAG; feel free to use your own RNG here...

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