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Its fine when you know what you are outsourcing and theres amarket for the skills.

I outsource the office cleaning. Cleaner does about 10 other companies. We only neèd 5h cleaning a week.

Hes happy. Im happy.

I do outsource work - contracting. I have about 100h/y maintaining a prodyct. No enough work for a ft head, whuch they cant get. I bill them 90/h. Its work i can do in my sleep but thats because ive been doing tgat sort of stuff 20 odd years. And althoigh its tge customers core product, tge bit i work on is no their core competence value add.

Now outsourcing your IT - thats the core of your business these days. You have as wellsell up and put your capital in an investment trust.

Outsourcing to ibm, a serial fucker upper? Smoking crack like the thick vicar from the board.

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