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Mathematics: 5G+4G+3G=2G DhOoo!!

I am right out in the sticks and here EE Mmm!! Who have a mast within half a mile of the farm, that it is only used for back-haul now, having been one of the masts taken out of service when they took over Orange, so as not to give them an advantage over other networks, have a 4G mast and the old 2G Orange mast over four miles away that loads at the speed of 2G and goes down in bad weather, but they call it 4G all the same.

The remaining networks at least provide a 2G service and don't call it by another name, however the options of mobile phones/equipment that support 2G gets smaller as time moves on. Back-haul connection, is done using microwave dishes and the nearest fiber is ten miles away.

My point is Ofcom/government need to force the networks to share infrastructure and provide a minimum of real 3G in rural areas before rolling out 4G/5G !!

BT want £4000 to connect the farm and more, that is not worth the financial outlay.

The fact most of the farms return's required by government can only be submitted via the internet, a fact the government seems to think can be done with no infrastructure is madness.

As the BT line would be no better than mobile service, we will be submitting returns via a crap soon to be 5G+4G+3G=2G mobile system!!??

Bring on the 5G nerve agents, I blame the Russians!!!

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