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"Using a black box also has the important additional benefits for bureaucrats of enabling road pricing according to time of day, road type and capacity,"

Time of day road pricing is not without merit. Is there really a reason why every job has to start at 8am and finish at 5pm? A factory could easily have shifts begin earlier or later without affecting anything. If there were time of day road pricing, employees would be penalized for having jobs that begin and end at current times leading to companies either having to pay them more or find it more difficult to recruit people.

I won't put up with Big Brother tracking my every move. I don't leave my phone's GPS or data on when I'm not using it (I use an old fashioned SatNav in the car that doesn't connect to anything but the power port). This makes time of day pricing difficult. Not every car would be equipped and what would happen if the black box mysteriously stopped working?

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