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@ James O'Shea

Thanks for all of the detail. It's very informative.

It also sheds light on why it could be a problem for companies that have reserved Tesla semi trucks. The trucks might be the cheapest line item after the costs for adding sufficient additional capacity to charge them is put on the BOM. It may become necessary for big electric trucks to be based adjacent to where big power is available to charge them. This could mean many extra miles of travel to move the trucks from their marshaling yard to pick up loads from a factory or distribution center and then return at the end of shift to be charged again overnight.

It may be a slow process to transition big trucks from diesel to electricity. The best time to add the electrical capability is when a new local grid is being designed and built. Trying to add to a system in a built up area where substations need expansion and lines need to be replaced while at the same time not incurring any (much) downtime is a huge challenge.

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