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Bastard Telecom and Ofcom

BT are quite possibly my most hated company. It gets me how they can peddle more and more junk technology that increasing doesn't work and to the detriment of the EM spectrum while giving it to Ofcom up the arse like the Bishop of Bath and Wells.

BT whine about the use of "Up to xMbps" which is a phrase that they coined because DSL just happens to be a crap, non-deterministic technical abortion stymied by the laws of physics. They can wrap a turd in gilt terms such as, but it is still a turd. And don't get me started on PLT - Ofcom clearly like having a prolapsed ringpiece.

How the fcuk can a company as big as BT get away with peddling an DSL based service as "superfast fibre"?

As an experiment I thought I'd have a look at what shiny bollocks BT are now peddling. Wow! super duper 100Mbps guaranteed - And if it doesn't work, you can claim a refund of £20!...up to 4 times a year...and it's actually a gift card rather than dolly.

So living in a fairly residential area I just thought I'd see if BT could offer me this special service and how much - Not available in your area, but "You can still get speeds of UP TO 55Mbps" - Good old crappy DSL to the rescue.

I'm pretty fortunate in that we do have Virgin in the area who provide me with a nice 350Mbps down / 20Mbps up connection and during the 20 years I've been a customer I've seen my speeds increase from 1Mbps to my current speed which has been consistently delivered with very few days outage.

To my mind, BT should not have been allowed to continue to use the POTS wiring to deliver broadband services as they were neither designed for the job or are capable of delivering the services demanded of them. BT's reliance on flogging a dead horse into a pulp and it's reluctance in investing in a decent TTH infrastructure has in my mind been bad for the general UK domestic customer base. Now they seem to be under pressure to do something, they are probably 20 years behind their closest competitor in technology. I hope the whole company goes titsup.

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