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Amazon and eBay agree to expose potential VAT evaders for UK tax man


"You don't need to be super wealthy as an individual or company to use offshore vehicles to reduce taxes - my local coffee shop does it."

More the shame and not a world to be encoruaged, we will forever disagree. They probably ask their staff to setup companies to pay them too. All legal of course as you will proudly say.

Fair I missed your £2k limit point, had assumed you'd got the lowest earnings rate way out or were making a random example on the personal allowance.

Of course, I understand Evade / Avoid, I'm just not accepting of something that should be illegal, often becomes illegal proudly declared "AH folks, it's only some avoiding, not evading, all ok here and no we don't really owe any tax because technically.....". Again, we will forever disagree. Bring forth the all powerful regulators

p.s Congrats on the tax career and the title of being the #1 Reg tax guru! Hurrah for knowledge with a dash of arrogance.

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