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Amazon and eBay agree to expose potential VAT evaders for UK tax man

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you're making laughably unfair comparisons. £2k tax free earnings so that the poorest paid can attempt to afford to survive

Quck quack oops. Its nothing to do with the poorest paid - you have to be earning over £100k before the tax free earning threshold begins to get withdrawn. I'm sorry that in this clash of facts vs your emotions it is your emotions that have lost. I feel bad for you son.

a multi billion profit making company that pays millions to tax avoiding (evading, you say tomato I say legally evading) experts to hide

You can't legally evade tax. You can legally avoid tax or illegally evade it. Avoidance is ALWAYS legal, evasion is always illegal. Again, apologies for treading all over your emotions with these simple facts.

transfer to make believe shell companies in havens such as those that the UK in particular allow to exist that are only available to to the super wealthy companies / individuals

There's nothing make believe about offshore legal entities and they aren't necessarily shell companies. You know there's a difference? Probably you don't.

You don't need to be super wealthy as an individual or company to use offshore vehicles to reduce taxes - my local coffee shop does it.

Certainly immoral to me.

Well, so far you've demonstrated absolutely no understanding of how tax law works or what is actually happening, so I'm hardly suprised you're morally outraged - the confused often are.

Lastly, whether you're happy with the fact that said author never worked for HMRC, PwC or Deloitte and thus should never make any comment on anything related to tax then that's your personal limitation I would say.

I never said the author shouldn't comment becuse they haven't worked for HMRC or PwC. I said the author shouldn't comment until they know the difference between evasion and avoidance - it literally is the first thing you learn about tax.

Why are you discussing it? Or are you in fact an expert in taxation??

Actually, I am - in all my years posting on El Reg I've only once come across a poster whose subject knowledge might rival my own. As I've mentioned in many similar threads, I worked in the tax arbitrage industry and have a very thorough understanding of how it works, and why. You may not like that, you may not like that such an industry exists. Fortunately your emotions don't influence the facts, though the facts certainly should be influencing your emotions more than they are.

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