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You missed the part where every competent employee with any knowledge tries to cram out the door before IBM can figure out what needs to be knowledge transferred. That is if they can even figure out what is in scope for their contract.

I was part of one of these deals last year.

Day one -- everyone has 3 months to find a new job using the job board.

Day 30 -- We miscommunicated the message, please stop looking for jobs (too many people had come to the same conclusion, the internal job board was harder to use than external searches).

Day 60 -- scope of the contract still seems unclear, huge issues arising from the fact the client has tons of data that can't go overseas as it can't be access by non-citizens; apparently, no one brought that up.

Day 75 -- I tender my resignation (14 day notice)

Day 84 -- Scheduled call to discuss the enterprise 2fa application, I mention that I am gone in 3 working days (last day was a Monday). Apparently, no one communicated to those organizing KT when people resigned.

To boot, a lot of the staff that was "retained" by my old org has been filing out, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

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