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I have to say that of the UK towns/cities I've been to, after London, Birmingham appealed more than any other - like Amsterdam, it felt like London crammed into a smaller area. I did kinda like Newcastle too though and it's a close call between the two. And I should really have a proper look at Glasgow and Edinburgh sometime - only ever spent time working on stuff there, so: in, do the job, out; no sightseeing or anything. Oh, and Leeds as well, probably - I've heard good things about it.

But it was less to do with the movie than with the fact that I'm not really an OASIS fan and, as they're originally a Manchester band (I believe)... ; ) I don't actually have anything against them as such it's just that there's only so many times you ca hear the same track in every shop you set foot in, blaring from every car window that passes by, before you start looking for some authority figure you can collar and say "I'll talk! I'll TALK! I'll tell you ANYTHING! Just make it STOP!" ; )

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