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Re: My mom + BT competitor offering real/pure/full fibre solution "door to door".

"We need to stop looking at Italy for corruption, and look a bit closer to home and remove all those links inside the regulator Ofcom back to BT."

Yes BT are corrupt and protect their own business at the expense of their customers needs.

When running a WISP in 2003 we applied to EEDA (East of England Development Agency) via their Broadband NOW campaign to get our service funded for various villages. The rule was EEDA would only fund areas of "market failure" which translated means areas BT were not going to install ADSL. The amazing thing was that when ever anyone proposed an area to EEDA then BT would suddenly put this area on their list for ADSL rollout meaning no funding for us.

The result was to stifle competition at the expense of the customers. Nice one BT.

Frankly this 5G stuff is BS. It does nothing that can't be done with existing WiFi a lot better. All that's needed is an improved public WiFi protocol added to home routers for mobiles to use. The Internet use can be separated from the home owners Internet use.

BT have sort of got this with their FON network but it needs to be more transparent to the mobile phones to use and public.

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