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My mom + BT competitor offering real/pure/full fibre solution "door to door".

You should really go and work for BT Marketing Dept. (Maybe you do, certainly sounds like it).

It was exactly the same protective "negative-sit on hands" (The BT drunk blocking the pub doorway) BT "ISDN/dial up is good enough" marketing spiel 17 years ago, when BT went around trying to get customers locked into long contracts on their older ISDN products as ADSL was launching.

BT went 'overdrive' to advertise 128Kbps ISDN Home Highway products with en-masse door to door leafleting, "it's good enough, please keep using our green legacy copper carcass" (or words to that effect) to extend the lifeline of ISDN/Home Highway as long as they could, while at the same time another part of BT were starting to quietly roll out cheaper 500Kbps "Green Frog" ADSL in Edinburgh from Fountainbridge, to those in the know.

With BT its always "Appreciate the few copper crumbs we give you, we own this market, don't try to say different", yours BT.

BT came across as negative, defensive/protective of their copper carcass, predatory, and obfuscated the shit out of Home Highway, to make it sound like what you were getting was 500Kbps ADSL in those leaflets at the time, when it wasn't, exactly as now, regards VDSL/ v pure/full Fibre optic rollout.

BT (to me) is still the same company 17 years on "sit on hands - wait for handouts", acting like vultures protecting their legacy copper carcass, obfuscating the shit out of vapourware delay tactic technologies like Pointless to squeeze "sweat" every last ounce out of their copper network, until technically clueless people realise it doesn't have to be like this, with congested, crappy slow networks at peak hours (even when Ofcom's own speed checker* shows your line to an absolute perfect bed of roses). The Technology has moved on from copper.

Pointless is certainly vapourware if you live rurally, yet BT again, have promoted this as their ultrafast solution over the last 4 years until word finally gets out it isn't.

And all this goes on, with the backing of narcissitic weasels Ofcom (because quite a few of them used to work BT, and inevitably get parachuted into key jobs at Ofcom), so Ofcom ends up being "pro/defensive towards BT".

We need to stop looking at Italy for corruption, and look a bit closer to home and remove all those links inside the regulator Ofcom back to BT.


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