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@will... you just reminded me of another anecdote, with your draining comment...

When I first start working many moons ago, my then already senior in years (to a snot-nosed youth, I'd have said "old" but I'm now about the age he was then and it's not old...oh no!) colleague used to look after a line printer in a company.

Said company worked out of a small unit in an industrial estate and on cold, damp mornings the platen would suffer from a hint of damp/mildew that'd cause the paper to slip.

The fix was simply to turn it on and let it warm up before printing but they couldn't get the message and he was back and forth a number of times.

Then one day, he apparently told the receptionist that he'd spoken to the manufacturer and they'd recommended that they needed to turn the printer on and leave it for 15-20 minutes to allow any stale electricity from the night before to pass through.

It must've worked as he never got called out again.

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