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@ Adam Jarvis:4G/5G ubiquitous high speed data streaming on the move is an Ofcom fairytale until we have a proper "connected" strategy regards the rollout of a ubiquitous fibre backhaul throughout the UK.

You can't have one (high speed 5G data services) without the other (fibre backhaul), yet these articles always fail to mention the fibre backhaul requirements of any 4G/5G rollout.

Assuming those assertions to be correct, the capital cost of setting up 5G coverage is going to be immense; think of all those picocells needing fibre connectivity back to "Deep Thought".

High capital cost results in high revenue costs to end - users, i.e. the paying customers. Can the MNOs be utterly certain that customers are going to be willing to stump up every month at the level that will be necessary to achieve the ROI? Or are the customers going to decide that what they can achieve with 5G is not sufficiently essential for the additional cost to be worth it?

Or are the MNOs going to force eveyone's hand by shutting down legacy systems?

If the perennial tales of woe about the GBP (not ££!) being under financial pressure are true then 5G investment might not be the wisest idea, because the returns might not materialise.

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