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Are meta, self-referential or recursive science-fiction films doomed?

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'Annihilation' is something I have been carefully avoiding as something that should not be encouraged, and which will cost me hours I will never get to enjoy.

Quite a few reviewers have said that it shares the qualities of films like Arrival, Interstellar, and 2001- meant in a positive way.

Arrival was illogical unrealistic nonsense, stirred out of order.

Interstellar was inconsistent, illogical, and pretty much crap.

2001 started out well, but devolved into a muddle.

At this point I expect that Annihilation is pseudo-SF written for people who don't like or want real science fiction, but something less logical and more pretentious and 'arty', uncontaminated by that 'science-like' stuff.

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