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Sensor and lens aside, your proper camera consists of a screen, processor, storage and a battery.

On modern phones the screen is typically higher res and more colour accurate than those in cameras, the on board storage is far faster than anything this side of a DSLR, and the processors are more capable.

Of course these factors don't affect all styles of photography, but since you have these components already on the phone there's little downside to attaching a good sensor and lens to them - other than cost. And indeed that is what we're seeing in the market; quality of camera often being the chief differentiator between a £300 phone and a £600 phone.

The same is true of guitar tuners - smartphones make for faster, more accurate guitar tuners than dedicated devices because they have more microphones and the processing power to make use of the inputs. The big screen makes the UI easier to use, and the storage makes it trivial to supply them with tuning schemes for a wide range of stringed instruments.

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