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I went in holiday recently so for first time in ages I dug out my 'premium compact' camera, a Lumix LX-7. a fairly big sensor and a wide max aperture, it's great for low light snaps while still fitting in a jacket pocket. However, you have to know what you're doing with it. A companion on the holiday had an iPhone 8 Plus, and I was seriously impressed by the pictures it took. The phone had a lot more 'brains' than my camera, and would choose its automatic settings (white balance, focus point, noise vs shutter time) more quickly than I could adjust the settings on my camera. After the shot is captured, the iPhone had more brains to output a JPEG - something that I would have manually tweak my camera's RAW output on a computer to match.

There were of course a few situations where the bigger camera took better images (low light portraits) but much of the time the results appeared to the viewer as a draw - even if the iPhone 'cheats' (fake bokeh - background blurring - etc)

I love my Lumix, but it is a faff. Ironically enough, it is less of a faff now I have a Galaxy S8 - I can connect the camera's SD card to the phone via USB-OTG* and dump its contents to the phone's copious onboard storage. I can then more easily review photos on a high res colour accurate screen, and more easily select photos for saving or deletion.

*I don't want to put the camera's microSD card into the phone directly because I don't trust the phone not to put app data on a card I'm soon to remove.

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