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O2 wolfs down entire 4G spectrum as pals fiddle with their shiny 5G band

Adam Jarvis

As always...

No mention of the UK's (pretty much) non existent UK fibre backhaul infrastructure required to connect all these new 4G/5G masts (mounted on street lights etc) especially in difficult landscape topologies/more rural locations of the UK i.e. Scotland/Wales.

4G/5G ubiquitous high speed data streaming on the move is an Ofcom fairytale until we have a proper "connected" strategy regards the rollout of a ubiquitous fibre backhaul throughout the UK.

You can't have one (high speed 5G data services) without the other (fibre backhaul), yet these articles always fail to mention the fibre backhaul requirements of any 4G/5G rollout.

Rattling my BT 'copper tin', Sharon White/Ofcom "Where is the all this (dark) fibre to support all this new mobile spectrum?"

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