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Somewhat pretentious ramblings I wonder ?

Some of the comments made in this article seem like pretentious bull**** to me. A picture of some bicycles in a shed having no character. What, they didn't say "hello" or something ? Rude bicycles were they ? Some pictures having no soul. Well they wouldn't have would they if they weren't biological in nature. As for the car in the yellow sun, I wonder if the camera was set to correct for the colour temprature of the ambient light somehow ? Had I not been told it wasn't right, the first one looked far better to me at least.

I remember buying an iPhone 3GS. Two went back for yellowish tinted screens which couldn't be adjusted., The third I kept because I gave up on it. I never bought Apple again after that, especially after someone there told me I was being far too critical!

When reviewing these devices can someone PLEASE comment on the colour accuracy of the device's display screen ? I've seen so many with such obviously badly calibrated display screens on tablets and phones, having such poor, non correctable grey scale and gamma, you'd never know if its camera settings were at all "correct" or not when you needed to. How could you ?

These basic aspects are fairly easy to test, so why not test them ? Without testing at least these aspects of the device, you wouldn't have a clue how well your camera was set-up, when you really do need to know.

I have a fairly cheap Honor View 10 phone by the same manufacturer. It's the only phone I've ever seen that at least allows me to set up the base grey scale on the screen so it's reasonably neutral. I love them for putting that feature in there. I can therefore presume the camera might give me a more correct rendition of what I see ON THE DEVICE itself, when I take the shot. Not that I'm that bothered about cameras really. Screen accuracy for me is another matter. It all starts right there because when you use the camera you have to look at the screen to see through its eye.

(sorry I had to resubmit this using a computer. I was typing it on my phone when my clumsy finger hit the submit button far too early!)

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