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Meh. I'm half on the fence, and falling down on the side of 'camera should be awesome'. Maybe this is partly because phone makers and tech journalists have concentrated on differentiating phones by their cameras over the last few years, and I've just swallowed the kool aid...

But I feel like it's for a practical reason too - my wife and I had a little girl three years ago, so in the last three years I've taken more photos than the rest of my life put together. In that time, I've used two iPhones (an aging 5c and an SE), a OnePlus 3 and a terrible cheap Blu thing for a month or two when I'd drowned an iPhone and was curious how bad a cheap phone could be.

Basically, the Blu photos are a massive source of regret - they look like snaps from the late 90s. The OnePlus images are ok, but the camera on the phone is/was terribly laggy and so often only captured a slightly blurry image, a moment after what I was trying to shoot. The iPhone images are nothing to write home about, but they're clear and crisp, and captured what I wanted.

I'm now overdue a new phone, and want to make sure whatever I get won't take pictures that look terrible a year or two later, and will actually be able to take the pictures I want quickly, in the moment. I'm not interested in how well it captures static food snaps, I want to know how well it handles movement (toddlers don't stay still much) and low light. I also want it to have enough processing power and memory that the camera doesn't take three or four seconds to load.

So I'm not necessarily looking for a pro-spec DSLR-replacement, but equally, I want a phone with a camera that will take pictures that adequately capture memories and moments to a degree of quality that means I'll be able to look back on them in the future without grimacing at the graininess.

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