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I don't disagree with what you said, wrt to Windows and its lack of consistency.

I mostly like Apple myself. But I also tend to see it as having many fanatical followers who never see anything wrong with what they do. The Reality Distortion Field does sometimes happen, but, as I said, it affects its customers, or rather the subset of Apple customers who have unquestioning loyalty.

Me, I'll buy them as long as I prefer them to the alternatives, despite their rather extortionate pricing. But I am totally open to switching to Linux in the future, if pre-built hardware offerings suit my needs.

(Really nothing wrong with Linux. I am just lazy and want out-of-the-box hardware configuration, Bash and Posix compatibility and apt-get type of open source software access. I feel I get these from macOS, but Linux could work for me too).

btw, if one wants to poke fun at Windows consistency, no better place to look at than the hoops you need to jump through to find out which version of Windows you are running from the GUI. Basically, to know where to look, you already have to know which version you are on 8-/ (not everything there is correct, uname -a works well on Linux for example.

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